My SREITS watchlist – reits with increasing DPU

When I select reits for my own investment, one of the key criteria is to select reits with increasing DPU. Increasing DPU tells me that either the reit is well mangaged, or/and they are in a sector/country that is bullish.  Going through the 37 SREITS, I have listed only those that the following have DPU that are increasing.


  • Parkway Life
  • First Reit


  • Lippo Malls
  • Mapletree Commercial
  • CapitaR China
  • Fortune
  • Mapletree GCC


  • None


  • Keppel DC
  • Mapletree Ind
  • Ascendas
  • Viva Ind


  • Ascendas  HTrust


Further applying the following filter:

  • Yield > 6%
  • Gearing < 35%
  • Removing reits with properties in China/HK

The 4 SREITS that remains are :

  1. First Reit
  2. Lippo Malls
  3. Mapletree Ind
  4. Ascendas HTrust

These are the SREITS that I want to add to my portfolio

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