Fixed deposit at 3.31%?

This inflation does not seem to be going away. The Fed has made it clear that interest rates will rise till rising prices are under control. Global stocks and bonds are in bear market, with US recession at 98% probability ( So what do I invest with my spare cash? Recently I invested in a “fixed deposit” at 3.31% annualized, half year maturity. Well, not exactly.

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Corporate bonds update

Bond prices have been battered in 2022 because of the rapid rise of interest rates. The bonds most affected are those with long tenor (further maturity) dates.

The main advantage of corporate bonds over unit trust bonds is that most corporate bonds have a maturity date or a call redemption date. It provides assurance for the investor that even if the price of bond drops, it will eventually return to par at the end of its tenor. Long term bond investors caught by the rise of interest rates should just ride it out, as the market eventually will return to mean, or the bonds gets redeemed, whichever comes earlier.

Here are some SGD corporate bond prices that shows the current color of the market. All these bonds can be supercharged (marginable). Note that prices are with commission already included.

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