I want to travel, and so does everyone else!

Every class in every plane is almost fully booked. Aviation and hotel companies are hiring in droves. Demand is way greater than supply.

The desire to travel is taking hold in everyone, including me.  Now you must know that I am not someone who craves to travel. But I must admit that I have caught this travel bug.

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Which REIT to hold for the long run

There used to be 44 REITS in Singapore. Now there are 37 after a number of mergers. Of these 37, personally, only 10 of them are worth investing.

Only 10? Hey, 10 is a lot. Try keeping up to date by digesting 10 reports quarterly for the rest of your life!

I have blogged many times about REITS with rising DPU is more likely to rise in price. By charting the DPU trend of every REIT and selecting the DPU charts that are rising, there are only 10 REITS worth investing in. But today, I shall explain a simple filter to remove 21 of the 37 REITS from your consideration.

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