Update on Reits and Singapore stocks


The calm before the storm? Tonight is the US Fed decision. Which way will the market go?

STI and most indices is in a symmetrical triangle. Having touched the support and resistance each 3 times, it is poised to either break out or break down.

According to traditional technical analysis theory, symmetrical pattern is a continuation pattern. This means that STI is likely to continue its original path.


Besides bonds, Reits are my next favorite. Reits have been in consolidation mode. Many “gurus” have said Reits are no longer in fashion as interest rates are supposed to increase in the near future. Hence Reits have under performed against other sectors.

After weeks of waiting, finally I see nice report on Reits by DBS. Will this cause more buyers to buy Reits?

Here are the links to the DBS report on Reits:

DBS Research Reits report Part 1

DBS Research Reits report Part 2

DBS Research Reits report Part 3

Singapore Banks

With interest rates rising, our local banks net interest margin will likely increase.

Maybank Kim Eng report on Singapore banks

(DBS XD on 3 May 2018)

Maybank Kim Eng report on UOB (U11.SI)

(UOB XD on 26 Apr 2018)

Maybank Kim Eng report on OCBC (O39.SI)

(OCBC XD on 18 May 2018)

Tech sector

Venture is the newest entrant to the STI. Has fund managers completed their purchase of bought Venture according to their mandate? I am following this stock closely.

Maybank Kim Eng report on Venture (V03.SI)

(Venture XD on 17 May 2018)

Please do not interpret this blog post that I am bullish. I am relatively agnostic to the market direction as I have about 65% in bonds. If you have a strong view of where the market is heading, do write to me. Contact me here.

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