Hyflux town hall meeting

I was at the Hyflux town hall meeting last night. It was very well organized meeting by SIAS and Hyflux. I left as soon as the presentation ended without waiting for the Q&A. Its only natural that there will be many disgruntled investors who will want to voice their regrets of loss of savings.

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OTC Bond Opportunities (July)

Since Feb 2018, bonds and reits have fallen and have not recovered to Feb highs. With interest rates rising, they have fallen out of investor’s favour. Yet recently, many SREITS are now making 20 day highs, outperforming most SGX stocks. Like wise bonds have recovered slightly after long tenor bonds were beaten down.

I sold ASTREA IV S$242M4.35%B280614 (RMRB.SI) retail bond at 1.05 last friday. Nothing wrong with this bond, in fact, I like this bond (seeĀ http://wealthlions.com/2018/06/astrea-iv-4-35-retail-bonds/). 5% is more than one year’s coupon. The money can be channeled elsewhere.

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