I want to travel, and so does everyone else!

Every class in every plane is almost fully booked. Aviation and hotel companies are hiring in droves. Demand is way greater than supply.

The desire to travel is taking hold in everyone, including me.  Now you must know that I am not someone who craves to travel. But I must admit that I have caught this travel bug.

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Ascendas HTrust entry

Last week, my REITs shifu invested in Ascendas HTrust, which I also followed yesterday, because I concurred with his assessment.

  • Yield : 6.9%
  • Gearing : 33%
  • P/NAV : 0.93
  • Run 11 hotels
  • By NPI, Australia (50%) + Japan (26%) + Singapore (15%) + China (9%)

I like the fact that the DPU trend has been very stable through the years. I am also speculating that Australia will growing in next couple of years. For me, this is a long term investment and not a short term trade. My yield on cost is 6.87%.

My shifu, Kenny Loh (http://mystocksinvesting.com/), will be conducting his signature REITs course on 30 Sep. If you’ll like to learn how a REITs expert evaluates and selects strong REITs, I strongly encourage you to attend his course. Contact me for a discount code.