STI poised for Santa Claus rally?

One of my favourite indicators is the Stochastics applied on a Weekly chart. I use it to time my entries so as to catch a low. Applying on the STI :

This tells me that there is a possibility that STI may be poised to go higher.

Traditional technical analysis defines that an uptrend is when a chart is making higher highs and higher lows. Certainly looks that way to me.

What stocks then? I will choose stocks from one of the 3 themes below. I will also check that the company has exposure to outside of Singapore. Singapore firms with sales focused on Singapore market are dying a slow death, eg Comforts, SPH, Starhub.

These e are 3 major stories in the Singapore now:

  1. Electronics. Has been running for about 9 months.
  2. Properties. Has been running for 6 months.
  3. Banks. Has been running, but may be poised to make a new highs with US fed Dec rate increase.

For myself, I have already collected some Electronics and Properties companies, now looking to add Banks.

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