Supercharged Bonds list from Maybank Kim Eng (25 Oct 2017)

SGD bonds that can be supercharged can be found in this link :

It may be easier if you download the file and view from your excel.

  • The first tab named “2.28%” are the bonds that can be supercharged. This is the main bond list.
  • “Sheet 1” are 300 popular SGD bonds that may or may not be able to be supercharged.
  • “Sheet 2” are some 600 or so USD bonds that may or may not be able to be supercharged.

Do note that this file is obtained from Maybank Kim Eng, and no changes have been made to the file. I am not responsible for the accuracy of this file.

To find out if a counter (whether bond or stock) can be supercharged, please go to this web site :

Maybank Kim Eng do not release a list of stocks that can be supercharged, referring to clients to the above web site. Having gone through the site, all SREITS, with exception of US Manulife and BHG Retail, can be supercharged at 2.88% and 70% loan to value ratio.

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