GPAD Stocks that can be financed at 2.88%

GPAD (Gross Profitability Annual Dividend) stocks are stocks that meets specific criteria spelled by online blogger, Alvin Chow. They are companies that has high gross profitability and pays good dividends.

Going through the list, I wanted to know which of these stocks can be financed at 2.88% by Maybank Kim Eng. Here are the stocks with their current dividend yields:

  1. M1 (7.2%)
  2. Starhub (6.9%)
  3. Sheng Siong (4.1%)
  4. SGX (3.7%)
  5. SATS (3.2%)
  6. ThaiBev (2.9%)

For dividend perspective, M1 and Starhub looks attractive. Has the 4th telco been completely factored into the price?

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