Elite Commercial Reit IPO

I have been wanting to invest in UK properties for some time, as I have the view that Brexit is good for UK. I was looking for Reits listed in UK, but did not find any that I like. This latest IPO will give me the opportunity to put my thoughts into action, and without hassle of managing lawyers, real estate agents, bankers, and renovation contractors.

Prospectus : https://eservices.mas.gov.sg/opera/Public/CIS/ViewProsDetail.aspx?prosID=303e9f1cb69c4a7595417979e42e6a62

There have been many good blogs online on this topic already. These are my preferred:

What I do not like:

  1. Unknown track record of the sponsors
  2. These properties were probably transacted at 13% lower in 2018.

What I like

  1. Tenant is UK government
  2. Management fee structure is aligned with unit holders

Application is through internet banking. Closing date on 4 Feb Sat Tue.

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