LippoMalls news and Q4 DPU

On 15 Feb, After market closed, LippoMalls has requested Moody to withdraw their rating of Baa3 rating. LippoMalls will henceforth be unrated. See

The reason is probably LippoMalls knows that Moody will be downgrading the rating. Since there are no benefits for LippoMalls to have a rating, they might as well remove it, thereby preventing the the company shares and bond prices from dropping from adverse news.

To know more about the background of Moody downgrade, I blogged about this a few months ago :

Earlier on 14 Feb, LippoMalls announced their DPU for Q4. The DPU is less than previous quarter as well as 2016 Q4 DPU.

This does not look good. I will be exiting from LippoMalls shares, but keeping the bonds.

If you are holding LippoMalls bought at higher prices, and not sure what to do, please contact me to have a chat with me.

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