China Sunsine added to MKE Market Insight Value Portfolio

Many of you know that I follow MKE’s Market Insight portfolio closed. They have just added China Sunsine (CH8) to their value model portfolio.

China automotive industry is flourishing, and I have been procrastinating on buying into HKD stocks. Finally, here is a chance to participate in this industry and staying with SGX.

China Sunsine is a major rubber accelerator producer, a key element in tyre production. Their market share is 18% globally and 31% in China. I think China’s tyre market will continue to grow.

With fundamentals ticked, chart also looking good, and with the backing of MKE analysts, its time to enter China Sunsine!

By the way, MKE’s Market Insight stocks has outperformed STI year to date. 31% vs 12%.

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