Short Term Portfolio Update

I bought some stock last week and this week. Overall in small profits now. Dont think its too late to enter as market is bullish in spite of Sell in May fear.

My reasoning is this: If there is fear in the market, but market refuse to go down and instead go up, its clearly risk on mode. So its best to flow with the market. And always have a cut loss, as market can go against you. My line is the sand is 13%.

  • Genting
  • Metro
  • SembMarine
  • Singtel
  • Sunningdale (bought and sold at minor profit)
  • UMS
  • AEM
  • Best World
  • MM2
  • China Aviation
  • Viva

Some of you will note that most of these stocks are hand picked by MKE Research from Market Insight!

As I have now 10 stocks, I will need to sell some before I can buy more. All part of risk management.

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