Accordia Golf Trust – Waiting for entry signal

  • Accordia latest results is poorer than expected, citing lesser operating days as a result of poor weather
  • DY = 8.2%
  • Gearing = 28.9%
  • Debt all in JPY
  • Price / NAV = 0.8
  • Market Cap = S$800M
  • Dividend policy : At least 90% of income available for distribution
  • Latest powerpoint slides :
  • Is this dip in results something temporary or because of something bad with the company? Will the bad weather continue?
  • Will JPY strengthen or weaken in next 2 years?
  • Will Nikkei be strong or weak in next 2 years?

For me, i am hoping for price to drop sufficiently for me to enter when weekly Stochastics is lower than 20.

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